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  • Oct 2015

Acetone & Formaldehyde Free Metallic Nail Polish

Korres acetone & formaldehyde free metallic nail polish color

Now I'm not trying to turn any of you girls out there green with envy, but here in Southern Europe we happily have well over 80 shades of Korres Color Nail Polish readily available, that's right OVER 80 SHADES.

  • Sep 2015

Korres Sea Flower Collection: New Bronzing Powders & Nail Colors

The New Bronzing powders are a long overdue addition to the Korres Makeup Range and will be replacing the Monoi Oil Bronzers after a 10 year run. While the Monoi Oil Bronzers were great, they were one dimensional as opposed to the new high-pigmented, Illuminating Sea Flower Bronzers with their multi-faceted, natural sun kissed colors.

  • Sep 2015

Getting End Of Summer Hair Back Into Shape With Korres Hair Care

Well it's the end of summer once again and time to get your hair back into condition after loads of sun, sea and UV and Korres Hair Care can get it there.The starting point for Korres Hair Care products is their base formulation for maintaining healthy hair which includes five essential components.

  • Sep 2015

The Three Notes Of Korres Velvet Orris Fragrance

The Three Notes Of Korres Velvet Orris FragranceElegantly soft and mystical, the Orris Root Oil has a distinct scent that intensifies with age, taking over three years to reach its peak. With every root offering up to only a few drops of this woody yet oddly sweet aroma with a charming powdery aura, Orris is one of Nature’s most precious ingredients.
  • Aug 2015

Sun, Sea and A Perfect Complexion with Korff Sun Secret Compact Foundation

Korff Sun Secret Foundation Compact on the Beach

KORFF SUN SECRET Sun Protection Compact Foundation SPF 50+ is an all in one skin care treatment and waterproof foundation with a silky touch and a natural finish that evens the skins tone and texture while protecting your skin from harmful UV-UVB with natural filters, offering SPF 50+ protection.